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The Devil’s Dawg Pound  Annie
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He loved her from the first moment he saw her, but she belonged to another of his brothers. So she could never be his!!

Pretty Boy/Darius
My woman has heart of gold anyone can see. She's as delicate as a flower yet tough as nails. And when I talk to her she makes me want to tell her all my secrets and bear my soul, without ever asking me any questions, so she can make all my nightmares and terrors just instantly go away because she says so! And when she holds me in her arms there is only beauty there, something I have never known before which makes me know how precious this woman is to me and my life. I cannot loose her...or our child!

My man has the best smile and he always has the ability to make me laugh. The thing about Darius though is he doesn't know how special he is because he has so many demons running around inside him. It's not his fault he had a bastard for a father who put him through a hell most of us can't even begin to imagine and my Darius lived through it. He kills people for money, but not just anybody...people who deserve to be punished for their sins like rapists, child molesters and such. It's his way to work out his demons while getting justice for other victims. My Darius craves normalcy in a relationship and I plan to give that to him and our child!

They say because I didn't claim her I don't own her. Bulls***!! If I want to have her I will have her! Don't get me wrong I don't want her as my Old Lady I just want to F*** her! And Pretty Boy who can't even get it up in a normal sexual relationship... I mean Jesus he killed a prostitute last year after getting too rough and he thinks he can be with Poppy! What a laugh! Every time I see them together it just pisses me off more...then I see her pregnant and I know that bitches baby is mine and I want it...anyway I can get it out of her!

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About the Author:

Lover of all things vampire and a sexy Alpha wolf isn't bad either. A couple years ago I had one of those life changing events and it gave me the boost I needed to follow my dreams. And here I am! I'm a mom and a brand new grandma. I'm a coffee addict, gourmet cook and a lover of the next best margarita. I was recently nominated for two book awards for myself as a writer and for Impaling my Heart, what an honor! When I'm not writing you'll find me at my son's tattoo shop adding to my artwork or in the kitchen discovering new things to feed my kids and friends! And as always dream BIG, and make everyday count!

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