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BLOG TOUR - Love Online by Penelope Ward

A Standalone Contemporary Romance Novel By: NY Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author, Penelope Ward Synopsis:From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new, sexy STANDALONE novel.We met in the least likely of places. It started out innocently enough. I was “ScreenGod” and she was “Montana,” but of course, those weren’t our actual names, just the virtual cloaks we hid behind.Logging in at night and talking to her was my escape—my sanctuary. Her real name was Eden, I’d soon come to find out.From the first time we connected online, I found myself transfixed. She was an addiction. At first, we knew nothing about each other’s real identities…and she was adamant that we keep things that way. Anonymity had no effect on our unstoppable chemistry, though. If anything, it allowed us to open up even more in ways we may not have otherwise. Eden was funny, intelligent, gorgeous—everything I’d ever wanted in a woman. But I couldn’t really have her.I h…

BLOG TOUR - You Promised Me Forever by Monica Murphy

You Promised Me Forever by Monica Murphy Series:Forever Yours Book 1 Publication Date: August 29, 2018Genre: New Adult Romance SYNOPSIS: I’ve got it all, they say. I’m the starting quarterback for the best NFL team in the league. I’m rich. I’m famous. I can have any woman I want, any time I want. Yeah, I’ve got everything—except for the one who got away. How do you move on from loving the same girl since you were in the seventh grade? She promised me forever until forever got too hard and at nineteen, she dumped me. By text message. Now she’s walked back into my life. Just as beautiful. Just as sweet. Just as smart. More grown up and incredibly sexy… We’re older now. Supposedly wiser. This time, I’m going to fight for what I want, no matter how hard it gets. This time, I’m going to make her mine. Forever. Download You Promised Me Forever Today! AMAZON: BARNES & NOBLE: KOBO: iBOOKS: Add to Goodreads:http://b…

AUDIOTOUR - On a Tuesday by Whitney G.

On a Tuesday by Whitney G. Publication Date: September 19, 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Purchase: Amazon | Audible | iTunes We met on a Tuesday.Became best friends, then lovers, on a Tuesday.And everything fell apart on a Tuesday… Charlotte Taylor has three automatic strikes in my book: 1) She hates me. She also claims that I’m a “domineering jerk with a huge, overbearing ego.” (I do have something huge. It’s not my ego, though.) 2) She takes our mandatory tutoring sessions way too seriously. 3) She’s sexy as hell…And a virgin. At least, those were her strikes before our study sessions started lasting longer than they were supposed to. Until one innocent kiss became a hundred dirty ones, and until she became the first woman I ever fell hard for. Our future together after graduation was supposed to be set: Professional football for me. Law school for her. But she left me at the end of the semester with no explanation, and then she completely disappeared from my life. …


Release Date: September 23, 2018 Cover Design: Hang Le Photographer: Michael Stokes
We’ve all done it, salivatedOver a guy at the gym, imagined the unimaginable.Wanted what we can’t have. Only my fantasy has turned into an obsession.Every night like clockwork he’s there.Every night like clockwork I’m ready.I’m not the kind of girl who does this kind of thing and he’s exactly the kind of man that does.He’s as sexy AF.Dominant as all hell.Built like a machine.And when he turns up at my workMy worst f**king nightmare.

I swipe my key through the door scanner. It’s 9:35 p.m and I’m late. After not wanting to come at all, and deliberating the whole thing for over an hour in the shower, I’m finally here. I’m not really sure why, but what the hell. It can’t hurt, I suppose. I walk into the gym and take a look around. There are a few guys working out at the back, plus a girl on the treadmill. Great. He’s not even here. All that over-analysing for nothing Damn it. After making my …

NEW RELEASE - Summer Seduction by Rachel Van Dyken

Summer Seduction by Rachel Van Dyken Series: Cruel Summer #2
Publication Date: August 30, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis:I wanted revenge. And I got it in the best way possible. Ray has always driven me insane, now that we're older, all I want is to make her feel the pain she put me through for four years. And then suddenly, everything shifts and I realize I just want her, It's bad enough that I'm the camp director — her boss. Our love is equal to our hate for one another and the burning tension between us refuses to relent. If anything it's gotten worse. I push her. She pushes back. Passion, whether it be born of love or hate — is a powerful beast, one I'm refusing to tame. Marlo and Ray's story continues… Buy now! Summer Seduction:
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NEW RELEASE - The Left Side of Perfect/The Right Side of Forever by Meghan Quinn

The Left Side Of Perfect – Release Day – August 30 For better or for worse,'til death do us part . . . The better captured me; she's who stole my heart. And made me realize I couldn’t live without this woman. The worse of her took my breath away--kicked me when I was down and twisted me into a million knots. When I first met her, I thought she was someone I would never see again. The second time I ran into her, it was a random coincidence. The third? I didn’t know it at the time, but she was the girl I was going to marry. But life isn’t always perfect. You have to take the better and the worse--even if it means giving her up, having her slip between your fingers, and letting her walk away.I’m getting married. This is forever, 'til death do us part. The Right Side Of Forever – Release Day August 31 In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish . . . It sounds so simple, to love someone unconditionally. To give them your heart. So why is she slowly eating away at my soul …

NEW COVER REVEAL - Slow Burn by Autumn Lake Jones

NEW COVER REVEAL!! GET SLOW BURN (LOST KINGS MC #1) by Autumn Jones Lake today for FREE!!!
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BLURB Forced to represent an outlaw biker, a married attorney must come to terms with her feelings for her client while avoiding the danger he brings into her sedate life. President of the Lost Kings MC, Rochlan "Rock" North, hasn't managed to find a woman capable of making him want to curb his wild ways—until he meets sweet, innocent, married lawyer Hope Kendall. Forced to represent the outlaw biker, Hope is rattled by her immediate attraction to Rock. Hope is a good girl in a good marriage. Rock thrills her, but she's not going to throw away everything she's built on a fling with her criminal client. Rock respects Hope e…