COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY - Gorgeous Gyno by Karen Deen

Release Date: November 10, 2019
Cover Design: Opium House Creatives
Photographer: FuriousFotog
Model: Michael Scanlon


It started with an invitation.

A masquerade ball, the ultimate fantasy.

The concept was fascinating, and surprisingly simple.

Wear a mask and forget who you are.

So, I did just that…maybe a little too well.

Something about that night gave me a false sense of bravery.

I met the most beautiful man, masked and delicious.

Tempting as hell, and as naughty as they come.

His touch left me breathless.

Just one passion filled encounter and I’ll never see him again.

No harm done.


My new gynecologist walked into the exam room, I look up to see that same gorgeous face.

Those eyes.

But this time, he’s the doctor, and I’m the patient.



You are like a beautiful, mysterious vision who keeps disappearing on me.” Oh, this man has all the words and knows just how to convey them. The tone and delivery have me quivering all over.
“Maybe I’m not real?” I try to gain the courage to get my flirt on.
Leaning forward, he whispers in my ear. “I know a real woman when I see one. Now let me show you what it’s like to be treated like a treasured woman.” That’s it. I want to skip the flirting and just say I want that too! Show me now!
After pulling back and leaving me in a bundle of goosebumps, he smiles this positive looking grin like he knows he has me. I want to say not so quick buddy. You need to work harder than that. Yet my body is saying, get a room now, woman!
“What makes you think I don’t already know what’s that like?” I try to appear super confident. I stand tall, slowly taking another sip of my martini like he doesn’t have every nerve in my body zinging around like they’ve drunk five caffeine drinks in under a minute.
“You might think you’ve been shown. I can guarantee it will be a schoolboy attempt in comparison to what I have to offer.” He leans against the glass wall with one leg crossed over the other, giving the cocky look of confidence in his bedroom skills. I want to challenge him and say, well, I’ve already had a guy who was eleven out of ten, but that would be a blatant lie.
His answer would be something along the lines of “well, why aren’t you with him?” or “I bet I can beat that score.” I’m not setting myself up for that.
“You seem to be a little certain in your skills, Grayson. Who’s to say I’m interested in being shown?” Shit, now I’ve done it.
The challenge has been thrown out there. What was I thinking?
To be honest, I wasn’t thinking, more hoping that he’ll take the obvious suggestive invitation.
I have just figuratively thrown my hands in the air.
I’m all dressed up, hiding behind a mask, with a guy who doesn’t even know my name. Why the hell don’t I just enjoy a night of pleasure. It’s not like I’ll ever see him again.
I can assure you, beautiful lady, there is no need for confidence. My skills are next-level due to my secret knowledge.” He stands up straight, stepping closer, placing his hand on my bare shoulder and sliding it up my neck to cup my jaw. His thumb strokes my skin. “We both know that trail of goosebumps following my hand and the pink of your cheeks tell me you’re more than interested.” As he leans closer with his lips, I shiver waiting for his lips to make contact. But instead he just whispers, “Let me get a room so we can explore this more. Let me make good on my promises.” He gives me the softest, lightest kiss on the lips. So slight I’m not even sure it happened.
The heat in my body is rising, and Grayson has its complete attention. I can’t talk, and I’m not sure I even need to at this stage. I just eventually nod my head and his smile of victory tells me he got the message.
“No sleepover,” I quickly say as he pulls slowly back to look me in the eyes.
“You’re in control here. You make the rules, I bring the pleasure.”
Oh fuck! My breath hitches a little. Every thought I had in my head about being nervous just disappeared. The mask on my face is giving me a false sense of bravery.
If I get to make the rules, then let it be a night of fantasy.
“No sleepovers and masks stay on. Think you can accept that?” I whisper, nervous about negotiating a night of sex with a complete stranger who I only know by his first name. Yet the excitement is electrifying and of course a little naughty. I’ve never been one to let my guard down and be spontaneous. My whole life is planned down to the minute detail. That’s why we’re successful in business, because we’re good at it. I just forget not to carry it through to my personal life at times too.
“A little bit of playful hiding under that mask, is there? Now that I can’t wait to explore.” He takes the drink from my hand and places both our glasses on a table close by. “Ready to leave?” For the last time, I debate the thought and the ayes have it on the vote.
“Yes, I’m ready to see what all this talk is about. Nothing like talking yourself up.” With that, Grayson places his arm around my waist and laughs out loud as he turns me to walk towards the exit.


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About the Author

Karen Deen has been a lover of romance novels and happily-ever-after stories for as long as she can remember. Reaching a point in her life ready to explore her own dreams, Karen decided now was the time to finally write some of her own stories. For years, all of her characters have been forming story lines in her head, just waiting for the right time to bust free.

Sitting up in the early hours of the morning with her cups of tea, chocolate and music she gets lost in a world of sexy, alpha men who are challenged by some funny, sassy and strong-willed women. Bringing you unexpected laughs, suspense and a little bit of naughty.

Karen is married to her loving husband and high school sweetheart. Together, they live the crazy life of parents to three children. She is balancing her life between a career as an accountant by day and writer of romance novels by night. Living in a beautiful coastal town two hours south of Sydney, Australia, Karen loves to enjoy time with her family and friends in her beautiful surroundings. Of course, when she is not shut in her writing cave bringing you more words to devour.

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