COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY - Rumor's Fury by Harlow Brown

Release Date: January 16, 2019
Cover Design: Concierge Literary Designs & Photography


The truth isn’t something Fury can provide. Secrecy isn’t something Rumor can tolerate.
Decisions of the past have a way of haunting the future, at least they do for Fury. Forced to abandon his life from before and start over in Panama City Beach, he accepts his new life after meeting a stranger on a motorcycle during an unexpected street brawl. Things settled down for him and his new brotherhood in the Chosen Legion MC, that is, until he met that sexy, blonde first baseman, Rumor, and the rest of the Regulators. He wasn’t allowed to love again. He couldn’t divulge his secret. He couldn’t put her or his past in danger. He is shackled by the truth. Rumor was bad at love. She lost her high school sweetheart in a tragic accident. She fell for his best friend and saw a future with him, that is, until he vanished without a note or a hint at where he was. Convinced she was cursed, she guarded her heart and stayed away from men. Then there was Fury and with Fury, there was hope. Until he reappeared. Fury needs Rumor. Rumor needs the truth. But the truth can’t set Fury free.





What had I done? Memories of his kiss, the way his lips crashed onto mine and how he completely owned me in that moment, rushed back to me. Once again, there were those unwelcome feelings of desire. I was connected to him now, and no matter how I tried to think I wasn’t, I was. I didn’t have it in me to sleep with someone and not have any sort of relationship with them. I was simply not wired that way. I couldn’t burden him with the drama that was my life, nor did I want the drama in his that he wouldn’t talk about.
There were two ways the rest of my time in Panama City Beach could go. I could suck it up and be like the vast majority of women that are capable of casual, no strings sex, or I could ignore him and act like none of this happened. That our tryst on the deck was a really awesome dream. Tomorrow was as good of a day as any to figure that out. For now, however, my inner siren was basking in the glory of her escapade on the deck.
Thoughts of Creed and Crosby passed through my mind as I started trying to piece together my whole debacle. Crosby, I had somewhat come to terms with. I knew I couldn’t change it. Creed on the other hand, still bothered me. As much as I didn’t want finality, I needed it. I had accepted that it wasn’t healthy to live the way I’ve been living. I didn’t want to accept that things were really, finally, over. Not when there was zero proof of him being permanently gone. Now there is Fury and whatever we are. I am caught between wanting to want him and wanting to not ever talk to him again, for his own sake.
As thoughts of everything swirled around in my head, I heard a knock on the door.
"Come in," I said with hints of surprise in my voice. Who in the hell was knocking on my door?
I listened for the doorknob to turn and silence.
"Well, fine. Have it your way. I'm not begging you to come in here. Remember, you’re the one that knocked on my door."
"Uhhh. Rumor, I'm drunk. Really, really drunk. But even I can see there is something up with you and Fury. You should remeid… remedial…rem… you should fix it," slurred a sloshed Magnum.
"Look, Mag. I appreciate you looking out for me, but there is nothing going on between us. If there was, would we be in separate rooms? And why are you knocking on my door?"
"Uhh, yeah. It's called de-ni-al. You both are swimming in it. See what I did there? De-ni-al. The Nile?" he said proudly.
"We all see the looks and feel the tension. I am trying to play matchmaker. I call it. Right here, right now. You two will be together at some point. I see that even through these beer goggles."
"You're drunk, Mag. Go to bed."
Oh Magnum! How is it that the drunkest one here has the clearest vision?
Shit, did he see us?
"Is this asshole bothering you?" Fury rumbled as he made his way past my door.
"He’s just trying to be helpful. No worries." I lied.
Fury cut his eyes at me and tried to read what was going on in my head. The way he stared and concentrated on my face gave that away. I knew the look, because it was the one I dished back to him. Our eyes locked, and briefly, it felt like things had settled down between us. Just as quickly as it happened, it was over.
"See? That right there. I see it. You two knockin' boots? You're acting weird and shit. I'm hungry. We got any food?" Mag changed the subject and then laid down on my bed and fell fast asleep.
Fury glared at Magnum, but didn’t say anything about it, he just turned to leave. He stopped before he got to the door and asked, "You sure he is okay here?"
"I think he is pretty harmless seeing as he has plopped down on the foot of my bed passed out. Clearly he wasn’t too hungry. Poor guy, drunk munchies are awful."
"Look, Rumor, do you want to talk, or does all this weirdness just have to run its course? I don’t know what is going on, and I damn sure don’t know how to deal with it."
"This is the first time I have ever done anything like that, so I haven't a clue how things are supposed to go. I’d say that we need to figure out what it is that we want from each other in the time we have left. I will only be here a couple more days, then it’s back to Rudy. What I do know, is that no matter how much I say I can just let things be and not have any strings, I just don’t know if it is possible. Sex is supposed to mean something right?"
"Not always. Does it tonight?"
"I don’t know. That’s the thing. I don’t want it to, but if it don’t then I'm a huge slut, and I don’t want it to be weirder than normal between us. This can’t be helping that any. Did it mean anything to you?"
"I'm not sure I have an answer to that. I will say you aren’t the same as the others. You don’t repulse me and I’d never call you just for a booty call. I can say that there is no love there, so take that answer for what it is."
"Truth. I can handle that."
An awkward silence passed through the air before he said, "Since there is a passed out idiot on your bed, you can sleep in my room.”

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About the Author

I live in a small town in rural Arkansas, where the wildlife runs through my yard. I was lucky enough to find my soulmate at a very young age. At fifteen years old, a tall boy with blue eyes stole my heart. Now I call him my husband and we have two beautiful children. I am a nurse and a cosmetologist by trade. I live by a simple motto. Don't Look Back. Life is short, time isn't guaranteed, and tomorrow might not come so buy the shoes and eat the cake. You're worth it.

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